Arthritis Matters Magazine

Arthritis Matters Magazine

Arthritis Matters Magazine

Arthritis Matters is our quarterly, full-colour subscription publication sent to our members, who form part of a vast network of over 44 support groups and branches and affiliations with community groups, advisors and volunteers.

With a circulation of approximately 6,000 and a projected readership of 12,000 per issue including rheumatologists, GP’s and health professionals, Arthritis Matters has become a well-regarded resource with a long shelf life.

Our magazine also encourages member feedback in order to spread the word regarding research, helpful products or services.

Our readers have shown a common interest – to understand more about their condition (or that of their children) and how to manage it themselves and, in doing so, find and purchase products and services which may help them.

Arthritis Matters Issue 52

  • Common Diet & Arthritis Myths Explored
  • We Take a Closer Look at Sarcopenia
  • 5 Things You Should Know About Your Medicines
  • Meet Our Team: Laura Vincent (Health Promotion/Dietitian)
  • We Profile Victoria Davies & Her Paralympic Dream

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