Arthritis is not a life sentence, but it can be life changing. The most simple of tasks such as opening a jar or going up the stairs in the house can become difficult, painful and stressful.

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Getting medical help and treatment for arthritis is important but also helping yourself is also important. As there is no cure for most forms of arthritis, there is a lot you can do to reduce the effect of arthritis on your daily life.

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Arthritis NSW offers a comprehensive membership program that aims to help people improve their quality of life and is working to keep NSW moving. At Arthritis NSW, our focus is to ensure that members are well-informed, educated and supported to aid in managing their condition and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

 “I support the work of Arthritis NSW as I get so much from being a member; support from others in our regular meetings; information from Arthritis NSW about how better to manage my condition; the webinars and seminars as well as the Challenging Arthritis program have given me confidence to deal with my arthritis every day as well as talk to others about it.”

Carol who is in her 50s and has Osteoarthritis.

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