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By: admin | 7 February 2012 | All News, Blog

We all know there is a link between obesity and arthritis – so let’s do something about it! If you want to shed some unwanted kilos, why not try this free initiative to make Australia a healthier place. Channel Ten’sread more..

By: admin | 22 December 2011 | All News, Blog

Calcium is essential for healthy teeth and bones and regulating the function of the heart, muscles and nerves. Calcium is especially important for building healthy bones in childhood, maintaining bone strength in adolescence and adulthood, and preventing low bone densityread more..

By: admin | 22 December 2011 | All News, Blog

Water exercise involves exercising in a pool, usually a heated, warm water pool, and may also be called ‘hydrotherapy’. It is one of the most comfortable and effective ways that a person with arthritis, or a related condition, can exerciseread more..

By: admin | 22 December 2011 | All News, Blog

Fatigue is a feeling of both physical and mental tiredness, often described as exhaustion or a complete lack of energy. It is normal to experience tiredness from time to time, such as at the end of a busy day, afterread more..

By: admin | 14 December 2011 | All News, Blog

by Lynn Griffiths, 54 years old In hindsight I know I’d had the symptoms of fibromyalgia lurking in the background since I was a teenager. Fibromyalgia symptoms can come and go with long periods in-between. This is what made itread more..

By: admin | 14 December 2011 | All News, Blog

by Paul Teeuwen-Green, 40 years old Does Fibromyalgia own you or are we able to take back that ownership? This is the big question for me. What are we able to do in order to take back this ownership? Howread more..

By: admin | 1 December 2011 | All News, Blog

The Journal of Rheumatology has produced an interesting article entitled, Surfing for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Perspectives on Quality and Content of Information on the Internet. The objective of the article, was to determine the quality and content of English language Internet informationread more..

By: admin | 22 November 2011 | All News, Blog

The Gregory and Dolores Farrell Scholarships, which are administered by Northcott Disability Services, are offered to assist students with a physical disability and who use a wheelchair for mobility, with the costs of undertaking university studies. Four scholarships, up toread more..

By: admin | 21 November 2011 | All News, Blog

COTA NSW & the International Federation on Ageing are jointly hosting a forum: “Strengthening The Rights of Older People” 1.30pm to 3.30pm, Thursday 24th November, 2011. Mitchell Theatre, Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, Level 1, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney more..