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By: admin | 10 May 2017 | All News, Blog

To coincide with Arthritis Awareness Week  (28 May to 03 June 2017), a number of our branches and support groups will launch their 50th Anniversary Celebrations with sausage sizzles, morning teas, cake stalls and more across the state. If you’reread more..

By: admin | 5 April 2017 | All News, Blog

By Dr Margaret Redelman OAM MBBS (Uni NSW), M Psychotherapy (Uni NSW) We are all born sensual sexual beings and all the pitfalls that befall us during the course of our life do not change this basic human experience.  read more..

By: admin | 4 April 2017 | All News, Blog

In this blog, learn more about assistive technology – the “stuff that can make it easier for you to do stuff”. For those with arthritis, it can help protect your joints as well as conserve energy so you can use it on the things that matter most to you. Read more

By: admin | 20 February 2017 | All News, Blog

Our Living well with arthritis seminar, held last week, prompted many attendees to rethink their thoughts about pain. Guest speakers, including Dr Maxine Szramka and Dr John Booth discussed the latest treatment options and medication for various forms of arthritis, practical strategies for day-to-day living when you have arthritis in your hands, and ways to cope with chronic pain. Read more

By: admin | 1 February 2017 | All News, Blog

Source: Channel 7 news During the record heat wave of January, The George Institute announced the results of a research study that found “the weather plays no part in the symptoms associated with either back pain or osteoarthritis”. Prompted by the news,read more..

By: admin | 30 January 2017 | All News, Blog, Uncategorized

This year, we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary and have some exciting events planned – watch this space! CELEBRATE WITH US We encourage all members to help us celebrate by hosting an arthritis fundraiser in honour of the founders of the first Newread more..

By: admin | 20 December 2016 | All News, Blog

Stress, overeating and alcohol have been linked to gout attacks in some people, making Christmas and New Year celebrations potentially problematic for those living with gout. This article suggests a few practical lifestyle changes you can make to reduce the risk of a gout attack. Read more