Is there a link between weather and arthritic pain?

Is there a link between weather and arthritic pain?


Source: Channel 7 news

During the record heat wave of January, The George Institute announced the results of a research study that found “the weather plays no part in the symptoms associated with either back pain or osteoarthritis”.

Prompted by the news, we asked people on Facebook how they felt changes in weather affected their arthritis or chronic pain levels and received a range of responses:

“The heat fatigues me and the joints are swollen but cold weather causes more pain.” – Linda

“I have RA. Humidity causes joint issues for me and low pressure systems are a killer.” – Rhonda

“Heat (in the summer is) good. Pain only one or two days before rain. Winter (is) more sore.” – Byron

Watch Channel 7’s coverage of the story, including an interview with Arthritis & Osteoporosis NSW member, Christine Jorgensen.

Whether or not you agree with these findings, we appreciate you may be experiencing flares and pain regularly. Seek your doctor’s recommendations for how to manage your condition if your needs change.

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