Organise your medication early this Christmas

Organise your medication early this Christmas

During the holidays we’re urging you to take care around travel and medicines. The most common medicine mishaps consumers experience during the break are:

  • Running out of prescription medicines and not having an additional prescription or repeat;
  • Incorrectly storing medicines when away from home, which can result in loss of effectiveness;
  • Not having an accurate, current list of all over-the-counter, complimentary and prescription medicines, in the event that they need to seek treatment from a health professional when away from home.

Our Health Promotion Manager, Di Sfiligoi, advises to get in early and make an appointment with your doctor to avoid the holiday rush.

“As we approach Christmas, there’s a surge of people needing appointments,” explains Di. “Into the Christmas break, medical centres are also faced with reduced doctor numbers which places extra pressure on hospital services.”

“So get in early to see your doctor or keep the following numbers on hand for alternative medical services.”

After-Hours Bulk Billing Home Doctor Services

The National Health Services Directory website will tell you which medical and pharmacy services are open near you and their 1800 022 222 healthdirect line gives you access to Registered Nurses for free health advice 24/7.

In case of an emergency dial 000. 

Being Medicine-Wise

  • Have your prescriptions filled early
  • Make sure you have adequate supplies of medicines and prescriptions when you’re away from home
  • Know the correct storage requirements for each of your medicines or make sure instructions are included on additional labelling
  • Have an accurate, current list of all your over-the-counter, complementary and prescription medicines with you when travelling away from home
  • Be aware of time zones when travelling and have a conversation with your doctor or pharmacist before you leave so you know what you need to do with your medicines (including whether you need to adjust timings)