Arthritis NSW community groups

There are over 45 Arthritis NSW community groups which includes branches and support groups throughout New South Wales. These comprise of members who join together to support each other and to gain knowledge about their condition to better understand how to manage it.

Most Arthritis NSW community groups meet monthly and discuss various topics related to arthritis and osteoporosis and usually have a guest speaker. Most importantly these groups offer support and build friendships.

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Arthritis NSW community groups are the local face of Arthritis NSW in their communities, they work tirelessly to promote arthritis and educate the community about the condition. They are vital to Arthritis NSW fundraising activities.

Everyone at the Sydney office of Arthritis NSW would like to thank our Arthritis NSW community groups for the great work they do!

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Arthritis NSW offers a comprehensive membership program that aims to help people improve their quality of life and is working to keep NSW moving. At Arthritis NSW, our focus is to ensure that members are well-informed, educated and supported to aid in managing their condition and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

“For many years I don’t remember being in pain, but eventually found that I had Osteoarthritis. As time went, more and more joints became involved and I was treated with non-steroidal medication. I joined Arthritis NSW because I like to know what I have and what can be done about it. I can’t remember how I found out about Arthritis NSW, but it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The information and sharing of stories has been invaluable. Also being able to meet up with various members at functions, camps and meeting was great. At present, it [Osteoarthritis] isn’t enough to stop me carrying out the activities I enjoy and I know this is good for me.”

Mary from Orange and has osteoarthritis

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