Arthritis facts

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• Nearly one in five Australians has arthritis.
• Today arthritis impacts directly on more than 3.85 million people, or 18.5 per cent of the population and indirectly on their businesses, colleagues, friends and family
• There are more than 100 different types of arthritis
• It is projected by 2050 that there will be 7 million Australians with arthritis.
• It costs the economy about $23.9 billion a year. Emotionally and socially, the hidden costs of arthritis are immeasurable.
• Arthritis was declared a National Health Priority in 2002
• Arthritis is Australia’s major cause of disability and pain
• It’s wrong to think arthritis is just an inevitable part of getting older; it isn’t!
• Most people diagnosed with arthritis are of working age
• Children get arthritis too
• Most forms of arthritis are thought to be a reaction of the body against its own joint tissues
• Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and lupus are some of the most common forms of arthritis
• We do know you’ve got to move it or lose it; rest can make pain and other symptoms much worse
• there’s no cure … yet
• But there’s a lot that can be done
• With your help we can make life for people with arthritis a whole lot better!

For full report, please view Painful Realities Report 2007

Updated 5 October 2007

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Carol who is in her 50s and has Osteoarthritis.

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