Coping with the Winter Cold

Coping with the Winter Cold

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If you are living with arthritis, you may be experiencing increased joint pain and stiffness as we settle into winter. Science is still exploring why this is so, however whatever the reason, there are actions you can take that don’t involve a move to the tropics.

The best way to manage your arthritis in winter is to keep moving. Why?
> Exercise produces endorphins which lifts your mood and has a pain killing effect.
> It will also strengthen your muscles, stabilise your joints, and improve coordination and balance which reduces the risk of falls.

Cold weather can make us less inclined to be active so plan activities that are easy to do during winter such as:
> walking around shopping centres
> playing with children
> hydrotherapy or
> taking a yoga class.

Exercise in winter will also warm you up!

You can stay warm outside by dressing in loose layers which trap body heat, and by wearing gloves, a beanie and scarf. Don’t forget warm socks and waterproof boots to keep your feet warm and dry.

Arthritis NSW offers Exercise Programs throughout the year (including Winter!) as follows:
> Warm Water Classes: click here for more information
> Strength & Balance Program: click here for more information

Attending exercise classes is also a great way to meet people who understand how your condition affects your life.