Exercise of the Month – May 2018 – Leg Extensions

Exercise of the Month – May 2018 – Leg Extensions

Exercise of the Month - May 2018 Leg Extensions

The seated leg extension is a staple exercise for building strength in the lower limbs. It is an exercise that isolates the knee joint, activating your quadriceps muscles to straighten your leg. When performed properly and consistently, it can result in an improvement in muscular strength of the quadriceps and increase stability of the knee joint. This in turn results can directly improvement your balance, and daily functional capacity.

You can perform this exercise in the comfort of any sturdy chair and also without any need of equipment besides your own body. When performing the movement, think of kicking a soccer ball gently.

Follow the steps below, give it a try, and kick start your way to a stronger you.

If you are unable to follow the full range of motion shown in the exercises that is okay. Only work within your physical capabilities.

Exercise 1: Seated Leg Extension

Leg Extensions 1 & 2

TIP: Holding at the top when your leg is straight make the exercise more challenging. Try it and test yourself.

1. Sit upright on a sturdy chair with both feet set at hip width apart
2. Slowly straighten one leg out in front of you
3. Hold this position for a few seconds
4. Slowly return your leg back to seated position
5. Change sides and repeat

To follow these instructions via video, click on the link to YouTube below:

Image from YouTube for Exercise of Month

Please note: If this exercises causes excessive pain or discomfort, cease exercise and seek consultation with your health professional.