Managing your osteoporosis

Many people when they are first diagnosed with osteoporosis are often anxious about the impact that the disease will make to their lives. This is a natural reaction when you are diagnosed with a chronic disease. It is important to learn about the disease process and the management strategies that you can put into place, so that you manage your osteoporosis well.

Important factors in managing your osteoporosis:

  • Risk factors – know the risk factors for osteoporosis
  • Lifestyle changes – once you know the risk factors you can start to make lifestyle changes
  • Bone Mineral Density score – understanding your score is important so that you can see if you are improving and it can also guide your exercises regime
  • Diet – understand the importance of calcium and vitamin D so that you include them into your diet every day
  • Medicines and Supplements for Osteoporosis – understand about your medicines and supplements such as, when and how to take them
  • Exercise – it is important to have the right exercise regime
  • Your doctor, specialist (Rheumatologist, Endocrinologist or Immunologist), physiotherapist and dietician are there to help you with the many different treatment options.

There is plenty of information available to help you manage your osteoporosis and you can download the consumer guide or ring our assistance line on 1800 011 041.