Pilot Strength Exercise Program – Wrap Up.

Pilot Strength Exercise Program – Wrap Up.


Specifically developed by Arthritis NSW for people with arthritis & osteoporosis, the classes are a circuit format focusing on improving strength & incorporating balance, endurance and flexibility. Exercises were modified according to participants’ individual goals, medical history and fitness level.

The recently completed Pilot Program had fantastic results for the 8 participants. Results included no longer limping when getting up in the morning, being able to bend over to pick things up (aids no longer needed), not being as reliant on families members, feeling stronger and experiencing less pain.

They also highlighted the benefits of having a reason to get out of the house, exercising with a group of people who understand their condition and having qualified health professionals to tailor a safe program to suit their capabilities and monitor and adjust their movements while they exercise.

Click here to view a video from the pilot program and to hear about the benefits gained by participants.

Keep your eye out for the coming launch of the full program. If you would like to be placed on a wait list for the Sydney program when released, please call us on:
02 9857 3300.

Our Pilot Program Participants

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