Research Project to Investigate New Therapy for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Research Project to Investigate New Therapy for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain


You are invited to participate in a study conducted by Mr Wei-Ju Chang and Dr Siobhan Schabrun, School of Science and Health, University of Western Sydney.

It uses a non-invasive, painless, safe and weak brain stimulation to boost the effects of exercises for knee pain. There will be 16 sessions of muscle strengthening exercise (2 sessions per week, 8 weeks). All the sessions will be supervised by an experienced physiotherapist and free.

Muscle strengthening exercise for the leg muscles can reduce pain and improve function. Adding this particular brain stimulation has potential to enhance the effects of exercise. Each session, participants will receive 20 minutes brain stimulation and 30 minutes supervised exercise. A home exercise program (only twice a week) will be provided by the physiotherapist. All the sessions will take place on the Campbelltown Campus.

Participants will involve an assessment before starting the program and one assessment after finishing the program. The details of all the tests involved in the assessment can be found in the attached ‘Participant Information Sheet’ – click here.

In order to include you in our study, you need to meet all the following criteria:    
1. You have been diagnosed having osteoarthritis knee by your doctor;
2. You have pain 4 out of 10 (0 is no pain,  10 is the worst pain you can imagine) in the last week when walking;
3. You can walk without aids.

If you meet all the above criteria and are interested in taking part in this research, Please click the following link to finish this survey online:

This survey is to make sure you are fit to participate in the project.

If you are interested in participating you can contact Wei-Ju Chang at to find out more information.