Children’s Camps

Support & Understanding for Children and Young People with JIA

At Arthritis NSW, our goal is to help children and young people with arthritis – as well as their families – to develop the self-management skills they will enable them to enjoy full and active lives.

Our camps provide children and young people living with juvenile arthritis an opportunity to participate in fun and educational activities, in a safe and supportive environment, without fear of being different.

We deliver two annual camps for children affected by juvenile arthritis: Camp Twinkletoes for children under 8 years old and their families, and Camp Footloose for children and young people aged 9 to 18 years.

To download a PDF document about our Camps for Kids, please click here.

Camp Footloose is an educational sport and recreational camp for children and young people with juvenile arthritis aged 9 to 18 years.

The camp provides a valuable opportunity for older children and young people with arthritis to have fun, meet others facing similar challenges, and share experiences in a supportive environment. It also helps them gain a sense of control over their condition and their lives.

Dedicated team leaders and staff, including health professionals, attend camp and guide participants through a range of exciting activities and engaging education sessions.

The format for Camp Footloose is typically a five-day residential camp, held during the NSW public school holidays.

Please contact Julie Wakeman on 02 9857 3300 to find out more or make an application. Places are allocated on a first-in, first-serve basis, with some spots reserved for new families. Go to our Camp Footloose page >


Camp Twinkletoes logo-Final

Camp Twinkletoes is designed to help families caring for young children under the age of 8 years with juvenile arthritis. Children are accompanied by a parent or carer, with siblings and other family members also welcome.

The program has four key elements:
> Education for parents
> Fun for children with juvenile arthritis
> Activities for siblings
> Experience-sharing between families

The format for each camp varies, but is typically a weekend residential camp, with guest speakers including health specialists such as paediatric rheumatologists and physiotherapists.

Please contact Julie Wakeman on 02 9857 3300 to find out more or make an application. Places are allocated on a first-in, first-serve basis, with some spots reserved for new families.

Go to our Camp Twinkletoes page >

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