Rural Health Services – Nov 2017 Appeal


November 2017 Appeal

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Rural Health Education Program 2018

For 50 years, Arthritis & Osteoporosis NSW (AONSW) has been helping people to manage their condition to get the most out of their lives. Our programs help people to relieve their pain, improve their range of movement and enjoy greater overall health.

Sadly, more and more Australians are developing this debilitating disease. Research tells us that one in four people across all stages of life are now affected by arthritis impacting their livelihood and personal lives.

It’s no secret that there is a shortage of health services in rural NSW. AONSW addresses this through the use of our Infoline, webinars and digital information sheets. But we acknowledge that the reach of our community education programs is currently skewed towards the Sydney metro area.

The AONSW November Appeal is asking you to support our goal to bring much needed health education to rural areas of NSW in 2018.

The proposed rural education program would complement our webinar series which currently reaches online audiences across NSW. Our Health Service team would design a program covering topics such as Arthritis Management, Pain Management, and Exercise and Nutrition to be delivered at nominated rural centres. These events would also give people the opportunity to create networks for ongoing local support.

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In this way we hope to help people in rural areas deal with the physical and social impacts of arthritis, people like John…

John is a farmer who is struggling to manage painful arthritis. He runs his chicken, cattle, banana and produce operation outside Macksville on his own, and his livelihood relies on being able to meet local demand and maintain his farm. John has experienced increasing pain in his back, hips and knees over many years, but recently a crippling arthritic pain in his ankles motivated him to see his local GP.

When his GP suggested surgery, John realised that time spent recovering would impact his business and rang AONSW looking for non-surgical options. Following a discussion with our health service team on exercise and nutrition, John was advised to consult a rheumatologist.  His GP agreed, though he must now wait six months to visit the specialist. Thanking our team for their advice, John said he would welcome a community event in his area where he could learn how to improve his mobility, maintain his independence and keep his business alive until he could access specialised medical help.

The rural education program will help improve the lives of people suffering from arthritis and that’s what AONSW is about.

Please help us to make this program a reality by making a donation today. The more we receive, the more rural areas we can cover to support those who need us.

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Vincent
CEO Arthritis & Osteoporosis NSW

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